Gravitarium2 2.5.4

A multi-touch particle visualizer with 10 relaxing tracks to send you mind adrift (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)

A multi-touch particle music visualizer with relaxing tracks, dancing particles, drawing mode with wallpaperizer and more!

Let Gravitarium combine music, art and science into an experience you won't forget! Now you can watch the particles dance to the soothing music or even use your own iTune tracks.

Draw some amazing line art and wallpaperize it for your iOS7 device! Reveal your inner artist - there are limitless combinations - you can even let the dancing particles draw an art piece for you :-)

Use all your fingers to guide the particle flow or make the effect sticky to automate the animation. You can create 10 different animations depending on the number of touches used on the screen:

1 - Rocket, 2 - Sparkle, 3 - Energy flow, 4 - Atomic, 5 - 3D freeze, 6 - Circularium, 7 - Fish, 8 - Vortex, 9 - Lasers, 10 - Lightning.

NOTE: only an iPad is capable to do the regular 10 finger multi-touch. Use the sticky flow option to see all the effects on other devices! BTW, watch out for that pesky native multi-finger functionality - best is to try and avoid 4+ finger movements ;-)

Try the Play mode where you can jam online with your friends or random players, allowing you to compete directly in a game or to create a collaborative master piece in the drawing mode! Check out YouTube for some neat Gravitarium trailers and examples!

The soundtracks are amazing! 10 different tracks push you further away into a deep relaxation state. If you're connected to a remote user, you even share the same music ambiance. You can also play your own tracks from iTunes and watch the particles dance to it!

Save you creations and share them with your friends and family! Pause the animations or drawing, take a snapshot with the Camera button, edit or wallpaperize your art!

Unleash your creativity and create your own unique masterpiece! ...BTW, did you try to share Gravitarium on a projector?! Let's disco!


- Multitouch (up to 10 touch points in single mode, 20 in multiplayer mode)

- Thousands of particles animated at 60 frames per second

- Changing/manual colors

- Play/pause the animation

- Save&edit snapshots to your Photo Library

- Original or iTunes soundtracks (incl. 10 relaxing tracks by Silent Strike)

- Multiple animation options (ex: speed, tail, size, opacity, etc.)

- Ability to save and load option presets

- Multiplayer game



Gravitarium2 2.5.4

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